NaPoWriMo 19: A Personal Ad and a Postcard

Both the official prompt for a personal ad and Miz Quickly’s prompt for a postcard are relatively short, so this post is a two-fer. Lucky you!


“A Personal Ad”

Eyes: limpid pools of unresolved pain
Tragic heroine, 28
(Well, depending on your definition of “sane”)
Bourgeois and gauche, but au fait.

You: savior (though my judgment’s reproaching),
Leaning more Sundance than Cannes
Compliments without much coaching
Encouraged: Dorothy Parker fans.


“A Postcard: Greetings from Rogers Park”

They gave me a cardboard cup
And my faded second round of tea
Is dewing the worn counter.
If you visit, we could parallel play
On our laptops, make small talk
With the Amy Adams barista,
Coo at the dogs trotting past to the lake,
Instead of reaching one metropolis to another
Via ghost typography.

One thought on “NaPoWriMo 19: A Personal Ad and a Postcard

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